Unicorn Tapestry - Silk Scarf
Unicorn Tapestry - Silk Scarf
Unicorn Tapestry - Silk Scarf

Unicorn Tapestry - Silk Scarf

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This print is inspired by the medieval wall hanging The Lady and the Unicorn, a series of tapestries made in France around 1500. The creation of unicorns date back to the 4th century BCE in ancient Greece. In the Middle Ages, their popularity arose greatly through books and medieval art. Belief in the unicorn waned around the 18th century, due to world exploration and traces of these majestic animals being unfounded. Demonized and glorified throughout different religious and historical texts in history, nowadays unicorns symbolize magic, power, uniqueness, gentleness, innocence, freedom, love, purity and beauty. In dreams they represent good luck, happiness and a positive omen.  

With hand rolled edges manually sewn in Como, Italy, this silk scarf can be worn around the neck, as a hair accessory or framed and displayed up on the wall in your home.

A short description of 'Unicorn Tapestry' is written on the tag of the scarf, presented in a beautiful white Timi Hayek gift box.

Designed in Beirut & digitally printed in Como, Italy.

Limited edition 

100% Silk Twill 

Hand-rolled edges

Made in Como, Italy

60cm x 60cm

Dry Clean Only